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Naturopathic Medicine is a distinctively natural approach to health and disease that recognises the interelationship between the mind, body and spirit. Central to philosophy is that disease can be prevented in most cases with a healthy lifestyle, and can be treated effectively by supporting the body's ability to heal itself with natural, non-drug methods. The roots of the profession go back thousands of years, particularly to the medical use of herbs, hydrotherapy and homeopathy in Europe over the past 200 hundred years. Hippocrates, who said, Food is your best medicine," and believed in the healing power of nature, was essentially a naturopath. The first naturopathic college was established in 1902 in New York City.

A naturopathic physician is a licensed, primary care physician in the state of Washington. We undergo at least 4 years of post-graduate training at an accredited naturopathic medical school, of which there are four in the U.S. The first two years of courses are very similar to those taught at other medical schools, such as anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, etc., while the rest of of the training focuses on various natural treatments for both minor and major disease conditions. Much of the last two years of training takes place in a clinical setting working directly with patients.

Since I am trained in and can prescribe many pharmaceutical medications in the state of Washington, I am able to correctly transition patients off their medications using diet and natural medicines.  


Listening - A Naturopath first takes the time to listen to what the patient has to say about their health concern.  They use therapies that work with the physiology of the body.  The medicines prescribed are often those found in nature and act as building blocks for the healing process.

I.V. Therapy

I. V. Therapy - Intravenous vitamins, minerals and other nutrients are very effective at quickly addressing deficiencies and treating numerous conditions.  Patients find immediate relief from allergy/asthma symptoms, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and muscle pain, as well as acute and chronic infections.  I.V. therapy is valuable in enabling patients to more quickly reduce the need for pharmaceutical drugs.

Ozone / Ultraviolet Therapy

Medical ozone and ultraviolet blood irradiation (UBI) therapies, more common in Europe, improve immune function, increase tissue oxygen, are anti-microbial, and stimulate the body's anti-oxidant buffering systems. They are very useful in acute and chronic infections, auto-immune disease, adjunctive cancer support, and other conditions.

Cancer/Oncology Support

$Varies, affordable. per

Effective, natural oral and IV therapies to support and improve treatments recommended by your oncologist and minimize side effects.

Heavy Metal Testing and Chelation

$Depends on Severity. per

Thorough, safe heavy metal detoxification using mostly oral methods and IV where necessary.

Allergy Desensitization

$Generally under $500 per

Reliable, affordable process envolving Immune, GI support and using oral Subligual Immune Therapy (SLIT) 

Long Covid/Vaccine injury

$Case-based. per

We offer effective treatments that have been shown in published studies and clinical settings that detoxify relevant compounds and repair damaged tisssues.

PEMF Therapy

Pulese Electromagnetic Field, or PEMF is an exciting, relatively new healing technique proving useful for many conditions. The device uses a electrical energy to direct a series of magnetic pulses through injured or inflamed tissue inducing a mild electrical signal that stimulates cellular repair. The value of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy has been shown to cover a wide range of condions including most chronic pain, injuries, post-operative pain and swelling, and even depression. Over the past 30 years well documented trials have been published carried out by hospitals, rheumatologists, neurologists and others have supported positive clinical outcomes.

Dietary Counseling

Food is very often the cornerstone of any treatment plan.  We now know that many diseases are the result of either too much or too little of certain foods and their nutrients.  In addition, individuals often react allergic ally to foods that others have no problem with.  Certain foods, like green vegetables, are known to contain nutrients that protect again chronic illness.  Fasting can often allow the body to better fight illness.

Nutritional Supplements

Nutritional Supplements, including vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other nutrients are important building blocks for healthy physiological processes.  Disease states of body, mind and spirit occur when certain nutrients are deficient and illness can be reversed if these nutrients are taken in the right amounts. Substances such as resveratrol, quercitin and alpha lipoic acid can be taken to rapidly bring further improvements in health.


Toxins enter our body from our skin, lungs and mouth. Industrial chemicals, heavy metals,pesticides, herbicides, building materials, petrochemicals, plastic toxins, medications and metabolic waste are just some of the potential carcinogens that accumulate in all of us. They impair organ function and reduce lifespan. Based on your history of exposures and lab testing, I choose from cleansing diets, fasting, infrared lamp sauna, herbs, nutrients, chelating agents, I.V. therapy and homeopathics to reduce your body burden of toxins. 





Homeopathy is a distinct branch of naturopathic medicine, developed by a leading German M.D., which is based on the principle of “like cures like.”  A substance that in large doses might cause certain symptoms is diluted to an extent that when taken by the patient, will help the body to remove those same symptoms.  Homeopathy is an elegant, and for over 200 years, clinically proven system of medicine.  I find it particularly helpful in treating problems stemming from emotional causes and mood disorders.

Herbal Medicines

Herbal Medicines have been a key part of natural healing for centuries and are broadly accepted and more understood as powerful, effective treatments for many illnesses. When properly used herbs can be selected to aid specific parts of the body to gently return to health.

Infrared Lamp Sauna

Infrared Lamp Sauna provides many healthy benefits including effective chemical/heavy metal detoxification, increasing nutrients and oxygen in tissues, relaxing the nervous system to reduce anxiety and improve sleep, and aiding weight loss.